7:00 am Saturday road ride is back - and not the 155lb your not fast enough model it had become most recently. We are closing in on our 1000th group ride leaving from Cycle Sports! 2013-14 winter road ride: 14.5-15 mph "group" average for 20-25 miles with proper warm up. Helmets required for all riders and group ride techniques needed - you will be in a group. Interested, need questions answered, tips, advice, or encouragement? Stop into the store and speak to Jamie, Dave, Andy or Eric. We love to ride bicycles.

Remember, all our new road bike sales include a $75 - $125  bike fitting and biomechanic/frame geometry determination as well as premiere access to all our shop training and rides – see additional info.

If you have service work to be done or are interested in road/triathlon bikes you can book service time or reserve a fitting appointment online by sending us an email.
Have a ride idea or want to lead rides…let us know,
we love to ride.

Did you ride today?